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Creating and Removing Hosted SystemsLocate this document in the navigation structure


Hosted systems are applications that run on a technical system. Hosted systems have the same features as technical systems, that is, specific software must be installed on them. For example, an AS Java application that is deployed on an AS Java system can be a hosted system. Applications are classified as systems depending on their independence, complexity, and manageability (that is, depending on whether they are started, stopped, administered, monitored separately, and so on). You can create the following types of hosted systems:

  • System Landscape Directory

    Maintains information about all installable and installed elements of your system landscape.


    Each SLD automatically creates a hosted system entry for itself in the central SLD. For more information, see Configuring the SLD Client .

  • Change Management System

    It is part of the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure and centrally controls the transport and deployment of software components at design time and manages design time configurations.

  • Component Build Service

    It is part of the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure and compiles different sources and creates build results like built software delivery files or archives.

  • Design Time Repository

    It is part of the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure and a source control system that is based on the Web-based distributed authoring and versioning standard.


You have a user assigned to the LcrInstanceWriterLD role.

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Home Next navigation step Landscapes End of the navigation path.

  2. From the Landscape Type dropdown box, select NWDI Systems .

  3. From the table with landscapes, select the necessary landscape.

  4. Choose the Systems tab.

  5. Choose Add System to Landscape .

Creating Hosted Systems

  1. Choose New Hosted System .

  2. Specify necessary details.

  3. Choose Create .

    The system and appears in the list of existing hosted systems.

  4. To add the system to the landscape, select the system and choose OK .

Removing Hosted Systems


The system is removed not only from the landscape, but also from the SLD. If you want to use it, you have to create it again.

  1. From the Hosted System Type dropdown box, select the hosted system type you want to remove.

  2. Select the hosted systems you want to remove by holding down the CTRL key and clicking the systems with the primary mouse button.

  3. Choose Remove Hosted System .