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Creating an RFC Destination for the SLD ABAP API on the AS ABAP SideLocate this document in the navigation structure


If you want to configure an ABAP application to access data in the SLD through the SLD ABAP API, you have to create an RFC destination on the ABAP system side.


An RFC destination for the SLD ABAP API is created on the AS Java side.

  1. Call transaction SM59.

  2. Select TCP/IP connections and choose Create.

  3. In the RFC Destination field, enter SAPSLDAPI .

  4. On the Technical Settings tab page, select the Registered Server Program indicator.

  5. In the Program ID field, enter the same program ID as the one you entered when you created an RFC destination for the SLD ABAP API on the AS Java side. We recommend that you use the following pattern: SLDAPI_< SAP SID> , where SAPSID is the system identifier of the AS Java system.

  6. Choose MDMP & Unicode and select the Unicode indicator.

  7. Choose Save.

  8. Test the RFC destination by choosing Connection Test .

    If the display shows the response times, you have configured the RFC destination correctly.