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Connecting AS ABAP Systems to the SLDLocate this document in the navigation structure


The following figure shows how AS ABAP systems send system data to the SLD:

The data supplier periodically sends data to the SLD bridge via the Gateway by using an RFC connection.

For more information, see Architecture Overview of the SLD Data Suppliers and

ABAP Data Collection Programs .


Configuring the SLD Data Supplier

If your AS ABAP system is running on a release lower than 6.30 and contains the data supplier function, you have to perform an initial configuration of the SLD data supplier.

For more information, see Setting Up the SLD Data Supplier for AS ABAP Based Systems

Using SLD API on ABAP-Based Systems

Some components, such as SAP NetWeaver PI and the SAP Solution Manager, use the SLD Application Programming Interface for ABAP-based systems (SLD ABAP API) to read data from and write data to the SLD.

For more information, see Using SLD API on ABAP-Based Systems .