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Configuring the SLD BridgeLocate this document in the navigation structure


To receive data that is automatically reported and sent by the SLD data suppliers running on individual systems, you have to configure the SLD bridge. The SLD bridge converts the system data sent by the SLD data suppliers to the SLD server into a CIM-compliant format.

The data between the SLD data suppliers of ABAP-based systems and the SLD bridge is exchanged by means of an RFC connection. Therefore, you have to configure a gateway service.


We recommend that you use a local gateway.

The configuration of the SLD bridge can also be performed during installation. Use this procedure if you want to change the configuration.


If you have already performed the initial configuration of SLD as part of the AS Java system installation, use this procedure only to adapt the configuration.


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Administration Next navigation step Data Suppliers End of the navigation path.

  2. If you want the SLD data supplier bridge to forward system data that is received from data suppliers to a namespace of this SLD server, check the indicator in the Update column for the respective namespace.

  3. You can also add URLs of an external SLD (called SLD bridge forwarding):

    1. Choose Add .

    2. Set details.

    3. Choose Add .

  4. Choose Start of the navigation path Administration Next navigation step Settings.  End of the navigation path

  5. From the Section dropdown box, select Datasupplier .

  6. If you want to use a remote gateway, enter gateway host and gateway service.


    The changes to the gateway service take effect only after you restart the SLD server.


    One gateway server must be linked only to one SLD server as a data receiver. Sharing one gateway server for multiple SLD servers leads to errors.


    Make sure that you have set up correctly the SLD data suppliers in the systems that have to report system data automatically

  7. If you do not want to receive data from ABAP systems in your SLD, set the parameter StartRfcServer to false .

  8. Choose Save .