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Configuring Server ParametersLocate this document in the navigation structure


You have a user assigned to the LcrAdministrator role.


Use this procedure to configure the SLD server parameters.


If you have already performed the initial configuration of SLD as part of the AS Java system installation, use this procedure only to adapt the configuration.


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Administration Next navigation step Settings End of the navigation path.

  2. Choose tab page Server Configuration .

  3. Follow the link Object Server: Configure and enter the name of the object server.


    Make sure that the object server name is unique within your system landscape or even globally. The value of the parameter must be equal to an ABAP namespace (without the enclosing slashes) that is reserved on SAP Service Marketplace at http:// . If you do not have an ABAP namespace, enter the name of the host where your SLD is running.

    If SLD acts as:

    • A landscape directory in your system landscape, the name of the host where your SLD is running is sufficient.

    • A name server for the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure, the name must be reserved on SAP Service Marketplace. For more information, see SAP Notes 105132 and 710315.

  4. To specify writing authorization, follow the link Write Protection: Configure and select one option:

    • None - there are no write restrictions (normal mode).

    • Single User - only the current user has write access (exclusive write mode).

    • Read-only - no user has write access (read-only access).


    Option Single User and option Read-only should only be used to lock the SLD for changes during maintenance.