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NWDI Only: Defining Product Description Software ComponentsLocate this document in the navigation structure


  • You have defined your product and related software components in your System Landscape Directory.

    More Information: Working with Products and Software Components

  • You have identified a software component that defines the product.

  • You have updated your Component Repository (CR) content.

    More Information: SAP Note 669669 Information published on SAP site.


You create and use Product Description Software Components (SC) to orchestrate the appearance of your products in the SLD. The Product Description SC allows you to group and then expose different products to the underlying infrastructure (such as the Developer Studio's perspective Composition Designer or Change Management Service (CMS) of the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI)) . The Product Description SC is the unit that allows the connection between what we refer to as product in the System Landscape Directory (SLD) and product from development point of view (a number of SCs that depend on each other). This type of SC allows you to expose already existing products or even to introduce new products from a number of SCs that reside in the SLD.


  1. In the SLD UI, choose Products .

    The View products and software components: Software Catalog screen appears.

  2. Select a product.

    The product details are displayed.

  3. Choose the Product Definition tab.

    If a software component is already assigned to the product, it is displayed. You can change or remove the existing assignment. To see the details of the assigned software component, click the <software component> link.

    If there is no assigned software component, choose Assign .

    The Select Software Component for <Product> screen appears and displays the only software component defining the product.

  4. Choose the required software component.

    The assigned software component appears under the Product Definition tab of the selected product.