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When your business users logon on with user ID and password, inevitably some forget their password. To help these users, you can enable a logon help link on the Welcome screen. Business users choose this link, enter their data in the request form, and, assuming they entered their data correctly, receive a new password from the system. The user management engine (UME) generates the password and e-mails it to the business user.

You can determine what data the business users must provide. The following data is required:

  • Logon ID

  • E-Mail address

The following data is optional:

  • First name

  • Last name

The business users must enter this data exactly as it appears in their user profile.

You can configure the use of a security question. This provides an additional layer of security. The user must answer the question correctly in addition to entering data in the request form. You can either use a list of five predefined, hard-coded questions or enable users to write their own security question. When entering the answer to the security question, the AS Java ignores case.


Configure self-registration to enable users to choose their own security question and answer in the self-registration form. Enable self-management so users can maintain the question and answer in their user profile.


If you configure the use of a security question and answer, the user must maintain these fields in the user profile, or the user cannot request a new password.

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