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With the SAP enhancement concept, you can make enhancements to the standard in the BI system. Within the BI system, you use function exits and BAdIs to make these enhancements.

For more information, see the documentation for the Application Server under Changing the SAP Standard (BC), in particular the sections on Customer Exits and Business Add-Ins.

For more information about the enhancement options in the BI system, see Customizing under SAP Customizing Implementation Guide    SAP NetWeaver  Business Intelligence    BI Enhancements.

Enhancing DataSources

SAP enhancement RSAP0001 and Business Add-In RSU5_SAPI_BADI are available for enhancing BI DataSources.

For more information, see Editing DataSources and Application Component Hierarchies.

Enhancements in Transformation Library and Formula Editor

You use Business Add-In RSAR_CONNECTOR to integrate functions that you have defined into the transformation library of the formula editor. In doing so, you can also make special functions available for frequent use that are not contained in the transformation library.

For more information, see BAdI: Customer-Defined Functions in the Formula Editor.



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