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You use this Web service to request the description of the navigation status or result set for a query or query view in XML format. You do this by specifying a query name or query view name. The structure of the XML corresponds to the structure that is available to you in the context of the Web API in the area of table interfaces.


The Web service has to be released with the SAP Web Service Infrastructure. You do this by specifying the URL for the Web service in your installed BW system (see “activities”).

When calling this Web service the system checks the BW authorizations for the user.


This Web service represents an additional option when requesting query data. In contrast to the XML for Analysis Web service, no MDX has to be formulated for this Web service in order to read a query view that is already saved, for example.

In the following table, the methods and input and output parameters required for the Web service are shown:




This method serves to request the query or query view data.

Input Parameter





Parameter (optional)

To specify the query use the parameters InfoProvider and Query. To specify the query view use the parameter ViewId.

The Parameter parameter allows you to set data provider commands from the Web API reference (for example, filters or setting a navigation status) as a name/value pair.

Output Parameter






You will find a detailed description of the output parameters under Data Set.



·        To release the Web service, proceed as follows:


                            a.      Call transaction WSCONFIG in your BW system.

                            b.      In the Web Service Definition selection field, select the Web service with technical name query_view_data.

                            c.      Use This graphic is explained in the accompanying text (Create) to create a new Web service for this definition.

In Call Details on the Web Service Settings tab page, enter the following path for the Web service under URL: /sap/bw/xml/soap/queryview

                            d.      Save the Web service.

                            e.      When asked to confirm whether the external alias is to be created, choose Yes.

For more information on releasing Web Services, see Release for SOAP Runtime.

You can find information on generating WSDL for released Web services and on test functions for calling a Web service under Administration for SOAP Runtime.

·        As with the path specified when releasing the Web service (see point c. above), the URL for the Web service should be structured according to the following schema:


·        A description of the Web service can be called using a URL, the schema of which corresponds to the following syntax:


For more information on which values are used for the place holders in the specified URL schema , see ICF Services in SAP BW.



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