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BEx Analyzer is an analytical, reporting and design tool embedded in Microsoft Excel.  In BEx Analyzer, you can analyze and plan with selected InfoProvider data using the context menu or drag and drop to navigate in queries created in BEx Query Designer.  

You can design the interfaces for your queries by inserting design items (controls) such as analysis grids, dropdown boxes and buttons into your Excel workbook. This allows you to transform your workbook into a query application.


BEx Analyzer’s functionality is divided into two modes, each with a dedicated toolbar and menu path:

      Analysis mode – for executing OLAP analyses on queries

      Design mode – for designing the interface for query applications

Analysis Mode

Working in analysis mode, you can accomplish the following types of tasks:

      Launch BEx Query Designer in order to define queries

      Analyze selected InfoProvider data by navigating interactively within these queries

      Navigate and analyze using the context menu or drag and drop

      Use OLAP functions like filtering, drilling and sorting

      Use planning functions

      Precalculate and distribute workbooks with BEx Broadcaster

      For advanced programming capabilities, embed your own customized VBA programs (Visual Basic for Applications)

      Save workbooks in your favorites or in your role on the server, or locally on your computer

You can access analysis mode from either the dedicated analysis toolbar or from the menu in BEx Analyzer.

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Analysis Mode

Design Mode

Working in design mode, you can accomplish the following types of tasks:

      Design the interface for your queries by embedding design items such as the analysis grid, dropdown boxes, radio button groups, and buttons into your Microsoft Excel workbook

      Customize your workbook with Excel’s formatting and chart functionality

You can access design mode from either the dedicated design toolbar or the menu in BEx Analyzer.

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Design Mode

Background documentation

       For general information about how messages and errors are communicated in BEx Analyzer, see General Error and Message Handling.

       For more information about restrictions in BEx Analyzer, see Restrictions in BEx Analyzer.


The graphic below provides an overview of how BEx Analyzer integrates into the Business Explorer Suite: 

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


To start BEx Analyzer, from the Windows Start menu, choose Programs Business Explorer Analyzer.



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