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Once you have installed the Application Server ABAP (AS ABAP) all Internet Communication Framework (ICF) services are available in an inactive state for security reasons. After the installation you have to decide which services must be activated for the applications you want to use.

Since multiple services can be executed when you call a URL, all service nodes must be activated in the SICF tree. The URL path is mapped in ICF subnodes (services). For example, if you want to activate the services for URL /sap/public/icman, you have to activate the service tree default_host in transaction SICF. Then you have to activate services sap, public and icman separately.

You activate an ICF service as follows:


       1.      Select the required ICF service in the ICF tree in transaction SICF.

       2.      Activate the ICF service in one of the following ways:

                            a.      Using menu option Service/Host    Activate

                            b.      Using the context menu and choosing Activate Service.


If the default_host node is inactive in transaction SICF, the HTTP requests could result in  ABAP runtime error RAISE_EXCEPTION with the following short text:

Exception condition "HOST_INACTIVE" triggered.

If a service is inactive in transaction SICF, an error text appears when you try to access the service.

Services for Web Dynpro ABAP

For Web Dynpro ABAP (WDA) the following services must be activated in the system.

Using WDA Applications



Here only the node itself must be activated, and not the subnodes.



This node is activated automatically when the subnodes described below are activated. Likewise, here only the node itself must be activated, as well as the following subnodes:






/default_host/sap/public/bc/webdynpro/* (ssr, mimes, etc.)


In addition to these standard WDA services the relevant application services must also be activated in the ICF tree. Usually, the service for application <application> can be found under the ICF node /default_host/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/<application>.

Using the WDA Development Environment



The five ICF nodes below are needed only for the WDA environment. They are only allowed to be active in a development system, and on no account in a production system, as this poses a security risk.






WDA Test Applications for Error Analysis






Other Services

Support of Internet Protocols (HTTP, HTTPS and SMTP) in AS-ABAP



Once AS-ABAP has been installed, you must ensure that this service is activated in transaction SICF. This enables the ICM to decide how HTTP requests are distributed to the servers.

Using Load Distribution

      Using the message server




       Using SAP Web DispaUsingtcher




ICF Test Applications

The following services are for internal SAP use only:


This service provides information about the logon procedure in use, header and form fields, and the SSO cookie generated for the processed request. For this reason this service must only be activated for error analysis.


This service creates some error situations in the system and should only be activated for error analysis.

Related SAP Notes

SAP Note Number

Short Text


(Display) problems in View Designer when you load a view


No layout preview due to inactive ICF nodes


Missing ICF node for Web Dynpro application


A Web Dynpro ABAP application requires an SICF node


Missing ICF node for Web Dynpro application


Web Dynpro applications can be run without ICF nodes



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