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The integrated ITS is part of the SAP Web Application Server 6.40. It is automatically installed together with the SAP kernel. To be able to use a service via the integrated ITS, you must first follow the standard procedures for activation and configuration of the Internet Communication Manager (ICM). For more information, see Administration of the Internet Communication Manager.

In addition, you must activate the service you want to execute and the service default_host/sap/public/bc/its/mimes in the Internet Communication Framework (ICF). For further information refer to Activating and Deactivating ICF-Services.

Make sure that besides the Internet service to be used also the two Internet services system and webgui (also known as SAP GUI for HTML) have been published to site INTERNAL, because objects of these services may also be used by other services.

The ICF path for the webgui service is /default_host/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/. You can use this path to search for the service in transaction SICF. HTTP requests with /sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webguispecified as path are forwarded to the request handler of the integrated ITS. The complete URL for access to the SAP system with SAP GUI for HTML is

When using the integrated ITS, two profile parameters (see also Changing and Switching Profile Parameters) are of special importance:


You use this parameter to deactivate (0) or activate (1) the integrated ITS. Even if the integrated ITS is activated, it only accesses system resources when it is actually used. Nevertheless, it can make sense to deactivate it to prevent users from accessing the SAP system with SAP GUI for HTML via special application servers (such as batch or update instances). Since the conversion of SAP screens into HTML pages uses additional CPU time, it makes sense to reserve a number of dedicated application servers to be used with SAP GUI for HTML and to use a special logon group to balance the load between them.


The “global area“ is a memory shared by all work processes of the SAP kernel. The integrated ITS uses it for the runtime version of the HTML Business templates ("preparsed templates"). The memory required depends on the number and size of the templates used to display the services called by the users. The default value is large enough to use SAP GUI for HTML with one browser version in one logon language. If your users access the ITS with different languages or browsers (for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator), or if they need additional services apart from SAP GUI for HTML, then the number of used templates will increase and you will have to adapt em/global_area_MB accordingly. You find information on when and how you should adapt this parameter in note 742048.



In case the SAP GUI logon for HTML/IAC fails, see SAP Note 698329.


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