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Type of InfoProvider.

An InfoCube describes (from an analysis point of view) a self-contained dataset, for example, for a business-orientated area. You analyze this dataset in a BEx query.         

An InfoCube is a set of relational tables arranged according to the star schema: A large fact table in the middle surrounded by several dimension tables.


InfoCubes are filled with data from one or more InfoSources or other InfoProviders. They are available as InfoProviders for analysis and reporting purposes.


The data is stored physically in an InfoCube. It consists of a number of InfoObjects that are filled with data from staging. It has the structure of a star schema. For more information, see Star Schema.

The real-time characteristic can be assigned to an InfoCube. Real-time InfoCubes are used differently to standard InfoCubes. For more information, see Real-Time InfoCubes.


In query definition in the BEx Query Designer, you access the characteristics and key figures that are defined for an InfoCube.



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