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 Manage Offer Recommendations


With the transactional SAP Fiori app Manage Offer Recommendations, marketers can do the following:

  • Evaluate effectiveness of, browse, and edit offer recommendation scenarios

  • Create, copy, edit, delete, preview, activate, and deactivate models

Key Features

Browse and Evaluate Offer Recommendation Scenarios

Offer recommendation scenarios are listed with related information that enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of the model that is currently active.

Browse Offer Recommendation Models

For more information about the offer recommendation model list, see section Browse Recommendation Models at Manage Recommendations.

Add a New Model to an Offer Recommendation Scenario

You can add a new model to a scenario by choosing a scenario in the Recommendation Scenarios table. The following standard delivery model template is available:

  • Offer recommendation model

View and Edit Existing Models Assigned to an Offer Recommendation Scenario

You can choose a scenario in the Recommendation Scenarios table to view the models that are assigned to it. You can also edit the models as follows:

  • Add, edit, or delete rules

    You can add rules, edit rules, or delete rules from the steps of models. For more information, see Rules.

  • Add, edit, or delete rule fragments

    You can add new rule fragments, or delete existing rule fragments from rules. You can also add, or change between, the and and or operators.

For more information, see Creating and Managing Models.

Activate or Deactivate Models

For more information, see Understanding Model Statuses.

Preview Models

You can analyze the recommendations that a generated model returns by using consumer, context, and item parameters that you provide. The attributes that you enter in the Manage Offer Recommendations app depend on the rule fragments that are used in the rule editor. For more information, see Rules.

Example Example

If your system is configured for offers from SAP Promotion Management for Retail, the offer always needs a location. Therefore, you need to enter a location in the Context area in the Manage Offer Recommendations app. The offer date, however, is optional. If no date is entered, all offers that are currently valid are considered. If you enter a specific offer date, only those offers that are valid on this specific date are considered.

End of the example.

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More Information

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