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 SAP Hybris Marketing

Product Information


SAP Hybris Marketing



Based on

  • SAP HANA 1.0, SPS10 AFL

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.5, SP01 (incl. SAP NetWeaver Gateway and SAP Netweaver UI Extension)

  • SAP Business Suite Foundation (SAP_BS_FND) 7.48, SP01

  • SAP MDG Foundation (MDG_FND) 7.49, SP01 or higher

  • SAP Web UIF (WEBCUIF) 7.48, SP01

Documentation Published

February 2016


SAP Hybris Marketing includes the marketing platform SAP Hybris Marketing Data Management, which provides a single view on your customer data (accounts, contacts, interactions, target groups). Based on this platform, you can purchase additional marketing applications that are available individually on the price list. The additional applications are the following:

  • SAP Hybris Marketing Segmentation enables marketing, sales, and service professionals to rapidly and easily segment large customer populations with the support of insightful charts.

  • SAP Hybris Marketing Acquisition allows you to create marketing campaigns by email or text message that are based on predefined content templates. You can release, and send the campaigns out to a preselected list of contacts. The calendar allows you to gain an overview of your current campaign success with regard to time.

  • SAP Hybris Marketing Recommendation enables data scientists to create and manage recommendation models that provide consumers with relevant product recommendations in real time, simultaneously across multiple sales channels. You can create models to leverage algorithms and SAP HANA to query and retrieve product recommendations from SAP ERP, SAP CRM, or business event data sources.

  • SAP Hybris Marketing Insight supports on-the-fly insights into all customer data for sales and marketing. With this solution, several millions of orders, invoices and financial data can be analyzed in real time. In addition, it enables marketing executives to review the success of marketing investments. This dashboard is comprised of the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for marketing effectiveness.

  • SAP Hybris Marketing Planning supports marketing managers in planning budgets, programs, and spends as well as marketing experts in planning campaigns and spends in a simple and intuitive way. In the calendar, marketing managers and marketing experts can have a complete overview of ongoing and planned marketing activities.

Price List Components

For an overview of the price list components, see Worksets, Applications and Price List Components.

Deployment Options

For information about how you can deploy SAP Hybris Marketing in relation to other systems, see Deployment Options for SAP Hybris Marketing.