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You use a message listener server to receive data from another system using Message Services in SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII).


You use message listeners for communication between plant, MES, and SAP ERP systems.


You have already configured your message listeners in SAP NetWeaver Administrator.

For information about resource adapter configuration in SAP NetWeaver, see Viewing Resource Adapter Configuration in the SAP Library for SAP NetWeaver on the SAP Help Portal at

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You must not change the Binding Key property in XMIIRFC and XMIIIDOC adapters in SAP NetWeaver Administrator.

Prior configuration for HTTP messages is not required.

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The SAP Java Resource Adapter (SAP JRA) server is used to connect to SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) to receive remote function calls (RFC) and IDocs. You use the asynchronous HTTP interface to post data to SAP MII for asynchronous transaction processing.

On the Configuration tab page, you can assign a schema to the message listener. You can use the Link Editor to assign an XPath and dynamically create a message name. The system uses the message name to determine which processing rule handles the message.

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Similarly for EO support, you use the Link Editor to assign an XPath and dynamically create a Message UID.

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To have the message listener queue and process an XML document, you post the XML document to the WSMessageListener service. The Name property maps to the Message Nameproperty in the Message Processing Rules screen. The MessageUID property determines the message duplication.

Post the XML document in the body of the message to the URL: http://<server>:<port>/XMII/Illuminator?service=WSMessageListener&mode=WSMessageListenerServer&NAME=<UniqueMessageName>

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You have to include MessageUID in the message for EO and EOIO support.

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To access the list of message listeners, on the SAP MII administration menu, choose   Message Services   Message Listeners  .

To confirm the connection for a selected message listener, select the Status tab page.