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You use the Message Cleanup Rules screen to do the following:

  • Create rules for message processing

  • View a list of message cleanup rules

  • Run message cleanup rules

  • Enable or disable message cleanup rules

  • Delete message cleanup rules


Existing message cleanup rules and their details are listed in a table. The runtime of the previous and next message cleanups are also displayed.

The following table lists the properties used to create message cleanup rules:




Name of the message cleanup rule.


Description of the message cleanup rule.

Message Listener

Message listener server to which the message cleanup rule applies. For more information, see Message Listeners.

Message Type

Type of messages to which the rule applies.

Message Name

Name of the message to which the rule applies.

If you want to apply the rule to all messages, enter *.

Messages Older Than

Messages older than the defined number of hours are processed by the rule.

Processing Status

Status of messages to which the rule applies. Select any one of the following status:

  • Categorized

  • No rule

  • Any

  • Received

  • Success

  • Failed

  • Duplicate


Indicator to make the rule active.


To maintain rules for message processing, on the SAP MII administration menu, choose   Message Services   Message Cleanup Rules.  

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