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The format of the query, in the form of a uniform resource locator (URL), submitted to a Web server.

This format supports a WEB v2.0 REST interface to SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) content.


A hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) and an alias to the address where SAP MII is installed (the Web server) are required in the URL. To generate these URLs programmatically, you can test a query template in an internal frame or browser window and copy the URL from there.

For example:



The question mark after the server side component XMII/Illuminator separates the target for the query and the parameters that are provided to the query. The parameter string is a series of name-value pairs separated by ampersands.

Note Note

Due to HTML and browser restrictions, you must use the hexadecimal equivalent of certain characters in the URL query. For more information, see Special Characters in HTML and HTTP. For example, the query parameter in a SQL query could have the following value: Select+%2a+FROM+myTable+WHERE+myID%3d45. This query corresponds to the string: Select * FROM myTable WHERE myID=45.

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