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Background documentationUser Maintenance


You use this activity to change accounts for users who work with the system (see User and Maintaining User Accounts).

Once users have been created in UME, they can be additionally configured for specific roles and functions at a global site level or at individual sites.

This activity allows you to do the following:


Labor Tracking

If you use the Labor Tracking component (see Labor Tracking), you can do the following:

  • On the Labor Tracking tab page, assign users to shifts and cost centers

  • On the Supervisor tab page, assign a user as a supervisor over a cost center (see Cost Center)

  • On the Labor Rules tab page, override settings of the following labor rules for users:

    • Automatic Clock-Out at Shift End

    • Allow Clock-In on Non-Production Day

    • Clock-In/Out Range Control

    • Clock-In Control

    For more information, see Labor Rule Maintenance and Overriding Labor Rules for Users.