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Function documentationTransfer of Routing with Document Info Records


This function enables the transfer of document info records attached to routing operations in SAP ERP to create work instructions without defined attachment points in SAP ME (see Work Instruction).

For more information, see Transfer of Routing from SAP ERP to SAP ME.


You can use this function with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 6 or higher.


  • You have created and released a document info record of the type PRT or Non-PRT using a routing (transaction CV01N) in SAP ERP.

  • You have set up ALE communication to create and transmit LOIROU03 IDocs (see Customizing for ALE for Communication with SAP ME).

  • You have also defined a DRF Replication Model to replicate LOIROU03 IDocs (in Customizing for Production, choose Start of the navigation path Integration with a Manufacturing Execution System Next navigation step Basic Settings for MES Integration End of the navigation path). For information about SAP ERP versions supporting DRF, see SAP Note 1793291Information published on SAP site.


  • You create a routing either manually (transaction CA01) or update an existing routing master record (transaction CA01) in SAP ERP (see Creating a Routing).

  • You attach one or more document info records to routing operations.

  • You send the routing containing document info records to SAP ME (see Procedure: Select Master Data).

  • SAPMEINT creates or updates the following records in SAP ME:

    • Routing

    • Operations

    • Work instructions

      Note Note

      This function does not attach work instructions to routing operations in SAP ME. Work instructions are associated with routing operations only when transferred with the Production shop order (see Transfer of Production Order with Document Info Records).

      End of the note.