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Background documentationCollect Work Time


You use this function to collect distributed labor times in the POD on Labor Off (see Labor Off).


You have set up Collect Work Time (see Setting Up Collect Work Time).


You can view and edit distributed labor times that you collect in this activity in Supervisor Time Edit and Approval (see User Time Edit: User Mode).


For information about the rules for this activity, see Labor Off.


The following table describes fields requiring explanation:



Time Elapsed

Time in minutes from the moment you labored on to the SFC number until the moment the Collect Work Time activity opens. If multiple SFC numbers are selected, the longest elapsed time of the selected SFC numbers is displayed.


Displays the distributed labor time-planned time as defined for the selected routing step in Scheduling Standards Maintenance.

Note that the planned values are displayed as a hint to the user only if activity rule DISPLAY_PLANNED_TIME is set to YES.


Time you actually spent working on an SFC number during each phase

Note Note

The values must be valid non-negative numbers.

If the activity rule ALLOW_ELAPSED_TIME_EXCESS is set to NO, the system validates the sum of the entered values against the Time Elapsed value.

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Note Note

If you choose the OK button without entering any values in the activity fields, the system will labor off you successfully without collecting any distributed labor times. After labor records are summarized by rollup, you can enter these values in Supervisor Time Edit and Approval (see User Time Edit: User Mode).

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