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With the valuated sales order stock, the sales order item is debited with actual costs when the product is delivered to the customer. For this reason you need a function that shows you the funds committed in the sales order inventory for the sales order. This is recommended in the following situations:

  • In the Product Cost by Sales Order component

  • With projects (because the funds commitment normally bears interest)


If you want to see the funds commitment in the inventory for the sales order item or WBS element, create cost elements for the corresponding balance sheet accounts with cost element type 90 (statistical balance sheet account).


If you are using a valuated sales order stock, you can view the funds commitment for the sales order item in the Product Cost Controlling Information System as a statistical actual value.

The statistical actual values increase or decrease in accordance with the value in the corresponding balance sheet account in Financial Accounting (FI). The statistical actual value increases when you enter a goods receipt and decreases when you enter a goods issue.

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