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You use this function to replace a work center in all or several routings.

Note Note

To enable accessibility for this transaction, set parameter ACC_MODE to X in the user profile.

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  1. In the area menu for   Routing MaintenancechooseExtras   Mass Changes   Replace Work Center   .

    You reach the Replace Work Center: Selection screen.

  2. Enter the following data:

    • The key and the plant of the work center that you want to replace and the key and the plant of the new work center.

    • The change number that determines the start of the validity of the changes that have been made; in this case, the changes are logged

    • The key date, if you want the system to find all operations that are valid on the specified key date; if you do not specify a key date the system display all operations in which the work center is used

  3. Enter the task list types for which you want to generate a where-used list. Note that you cannot make a generic entry in the type from fields.

    You can narrow down the search by entering the following data:

    • Status

    • Task list usage

    • Routing plant

    • Planner group

    • Material number

    • Material short text

      Note Note

      If you have not set this parameter to X, you can select an overview variant. To select an overview variant, choose   Settings   Object overview   . The system displays a dialog box in which you can enter the overview variant that you want to use and then choose Continue.

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  4. You can define default values for the new work center before you replace the old work center with it (see Maintaining Default Values (Mass Replacement)

  5. Choose   Goto   Execute   .

    You see a list of all routings and routing objects in which the work center is used (where-used list).

    Usually, the system carries out replacements online . If you want to execute the replacement using batch input, choose   Setting   Change Replace Mode   ( Batch Data Communication). You can also use the replace mode to control whether certain screens are displayed for you to maintain during replacement (see Controlling Mass Replacement Processing ).

    Note Note

    If you have not set the parameter ACC_MODE to X you can change the data in the task lists or task list objects, before you insert the new work center everywhere (see Displaying and Changing Data for Selected Routings ).

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  6. Select all task lists and task list objects in which you want to replace a work center with a new one.

    If you want to select a number of objects at the same time, choose   Edit   Selections   .

  7. To replace the work centers, choose   Edit   Replace Work Center.  


The system replaces the old work center in the selected headers, sequences and operations with the new work center.

To see the current data in the where-used list, you must update the display.

Note Note

If the system is unable to replace all work centers, you receive a system message indicating which objects have not been replaced.

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