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Using variable parameters, you can override some of the fixed parameter settings when entering confirmations.

Variable parameters are not available for Single Screen Entry of Time Tickets .


You can define:

  • Whether a partial or final confirmation is entered

  • If the confirmed quantity (yield + rework + scrap quantity) is less than the quantity to be confirmed, then the indicator is set to Partial confirmation .

  • If the confirmed quantity is the same as, or more than, the quantity to be confirmed, the indicator is set to Final confirmation .

  • Whether all open reservations should be posted when a final confirmation occurs

  • Which confirmation detail screen the system should branch to automatically after the initial screen

  • Whether only operations that are still open, or also those that have already been confirmed, are displayed in the list of operations to be confirmed

  • Whether an error log should be displayed for incorrect goods movements (backflushing or automatic goods receipt). Afterwards, you can correct goods movements in the material overview

  • Whether a log should be displayed when an error occurs in actual cost determination.

  • Whether only operations that require confirmation should be displayed, as defined in the control key.

These settings are variable parameters that you can display as well as maintain in the confirmation function. With each confirmation, the system copies the parameters again that are maintained in Customizing ( Fixed Parameters ).


To have the variable parameters displayed in the confirmation function, or to change them, choose   Parameters   Var. Parameters   .