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 Maintaining Capacities Locate this document in the navigation structure

Capacities can be created and edited in work centers (work center capacity)or independently (for example pooled capacities)

Capacity data is maintained on the following screens:

  • Capacity overview (only for work center capacities)

  • Header

  • Interval of available capacity

  • Available capacity profile

You can use Goto to switch between these screens.

As long as you do not save the capacity data, you can go back to the original state by resetting a capacity .

Initial Steps - Work Center Independent Capacity

  1. In the   Work centers   area menu choose Capacity   Create   or Change.

  2. The Initial screen appears.

  3. Enter either a work center capacity (only possible in change mode) or a work center independent capacity.

  4. Choose Enter .

The header screen appears

Initial Steps - Work Center Capacity

  1. In Work center maintenance choose   Goto   Capacity   Overview.  

The Capacity Overview screen appears.

Capacity Overview Screen

The Capacity Overview screen is only available in work center maintenance


  • you edit formulas for capacity categories so that the system can calculate capacity requirements

Note Note

If you do not specify a formula, no capacity requirements are calculated during capacity planning

End of the note.
  • you can assign pooled capacities to capacity categories, if required.

Header Screen


  • you choose the capacity category to edit by choosing   Goto   Another cap. cat.  

  • you determine whether a work center independent capacity should be a pooled capacity

Interval of Available Capacity Screen


  • you can determine the available capacity for a capacity by cumulation (only for work center capacities).

Available Capacity Profile Screen