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If the standard planning layouts supplied by SAP do not meet your requirements, you can define your own layouts. The following section describes the structure of a planning layout and the procedure for defining your own layouts (see also Defining Planning Layouts ).

All planning layouts are based on the following structure:

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The header of the planning layout contains the characteristics that apply to the whole planning table. You make these entries in the planning layout, under   Edit   Gen. data selections   .  

Example Example

To plan activity-independent costs, you define header characteristics, such as version, period, fiscal year, cost center and cost element. These characteristics are always displayed in the planning initial screen and the planning overview screen.

End of the example.

The lead columns contain the objects to be planned. You can define multiple lead columns. You create lead columns using predefined characteristics provided by SAP.

Example Example

If you want to plan activity-independent costs, you define the cost element as a lead column. When you plan activity-dependent costs, you add the activity type as the second column. You enter the cost element and the activity type in the initial screen. However, in contrast to the other characteristics on this screen, you must also define them in the lead columns. This is so that you can plan them.

End of the example.

The value columns are used for the planning itself. This is where you enter the plan values.

You create value columns from the following:

  • Characteristics

  • Attributes

  • Formulas

Example Example

For activity-independent or activity-dependent cost planning, you set the characteristics Fixed plan costs or Variable plan costs in the value columns. You can add further characteristics, such as a distribution key.

End of the example.

You define these three areas during Customizing for Controlling, under   Overhead Cost Controlling   Cost Center Accounting   or Activity-Based Costing under   Planning   Manual Planning   User-Defined Planning Layouts. Once you define a planning layout, you can only change it in Customizing, not during planning.