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You can make settings for the structure and layout of the order progress report in two profiles.

  • Overall profile

    When you call the order progress report, you must enter an overall profile

  • Profile for Displayed Fields

    Profiles for displayed fields are assigned to the overall profile

You define these profiles in Customizing for Shop Floor Control by choosing   Information System   Profile for Order Progress Report:  

Overall Profile

In the overall profile you make the following settings:

  • Assignment of the profiles for displayed fields

  • Standard values for certain selection criteria:

    • Elements that are account assigned to the production order

      You can use this indicator to determine whether purchase requisitions and purchase orders for external operations and also rework orders are displayed. These elements are directly assigned to the production order. They are shown by a placeholder material (empty material field) and a corresponding icon.

    • Elements outside the product structure

      This indicator determines whether other elements that are account assigned to the order or WBS element are displayed in addition to the elements that are in the product structure of the selected product (or assembly).

      For instance, you have selected a sales order for a pump. The order progress display then displays the product structure (shaft, rotor, casing etc.). A production order that is account assigned to the sales order with material Motor is only displayed, if the indicator is set.

      For all materials outside the product structure, only the first hierarchy level is displayed. This is because the hierarchy cannot be determined here and relationships that possibly exist cannot be taken into account. All the materials outside the product structure are displayed below the product structure.

    • Number of hierarchy levels

      This number determines how many hierarchy levels are initially read into the order progress report. When you are working in the report you can read in further hierarchy levels.

  • Display options:

    • Normal or compressed layout

    • Display and length of material short texts

  • Conditions for Exception Messages (see Progress Value Determination )

Profile for Displayed Fields

In a profile for displayed fields, you specify which fields are to be displayed in the report and how long these fields are. For each profile, you can create one subprofile for material fields and one for element fields (production orders, purchase requisitions, planned orders). You assign this profile to the overall profile.