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 Creating, Changing, and Displaying Cost Object Hierarchies Locate this document in the navigation structure

Creating Cost Object Nodes


You define a cost object profile in Customizing for Product Cost by Period and specify it in the cost object category.


There are two ways to create and change a cost object hierarchy:

  • Fast entry of the cost object hierarchy

With fast entry function, you create the cost object nodes of a cost object hierarchy in a list screen. You can specify the level of the cost object nodes and define the top of the hierarchy.

See also: Using the Fast Entry Function for Cost Object Hierarchies

  • Structured entry of the cost object hierarchy

With the structured entry method, the cost object hierarchy is shown as a graphic. You can specify the levels of the cost object nodes, define the top of the hierarchy, and assign single objects.

See also: Editing Cost Object Hierarchies

See also:

To view data on the cost object hierarchy such as planned and actual costs, choose Find/Display Cost Object Hierarchy .