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The fixed parameters influence the behavior of the confirmation function. They are defined in Customizing for an order type and plant. You can display the fixed parameters in the confirmation function.

Fixed parameters are not available for Single Screen Entry of Time Tickets .


In Customizing, you can specify for confirmations,

  • Whether a partial or a final confirmation should always be proposed by the system, or whether it should be determined automatically depending on the quantity to be confirmed .

  • If the confirmed quantity (yield + rework + scrap quantity) is less than the quantity to be confirmed, then the indicator is set to Partial confirmation .

  • If the confirmed quantity is the same as, or more than, the quantity to be confirmed, the indicator is set to Final confirmation .

  • Whether, in the case of final confirmations, all open reservations should have the final issue indictor set.

  • Whether a log should be displayed when an error occurs in actual cost determination.

  • Which time units should be proposed for the activities to be confirmed.

  • Which confirmation detail screen the system should branch to automatically after the initial screen

  • How the system should react, if the operation sequence is not adhered to during confirmation entry or if you want to confirm a quantity larger than that confirmed for the previous operation.

In these situations, you can define if a message should be displayed, as well as the message category: information message, warning message and so on.

  • Whether the order’s underdelivery or overdelivery tolerances should be checked during confirmation.

  • Whether data that has already been confirmed or that has been confirmed according to planning should also be displayed when confirming.

  • Whether an error log should be displayed for incorrect goods movements (backflushing or automatic goods receipt). Afterwards, you can correct goods movements in the material overview


You maintain fixed parameters in Customizing. To have the fixed parameters displayed in the confirmation function, choose   Parameters   Fixed parameters   .