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The order progress report shows you which documents, MRP elements, stocks, and deliveries exist for products and their components that have been ordered by a customer. The order progress report gives you:

  • A quick overview of the status of production and procurement

  • Statements about the adherence to delivery dates or delays

An order progress report can be displayed for more than one sales orders or a WBS element.

Note Note

In the order progress report (transaction CO46), the system calls the multilevel order report for MRP (transaction MD4C) that you can use as an alternative to this function.

You can use the user parameter (SET/GET parameter)PROFIDCO46 Profile for Order Report to define the profile that the system should propose when you call the order report (MD4C) from the progress report (CO46). In the standard system the profile SAP000000002 is supplied.

If you select the indicator List-Based Progress Report on the initial screen, the system displays the order progress report.

For more information, see the SAP Library for Evaluating the Planning Run (PP-MRP-PE) under   Order Report   Use Order Report   .

End of the note.


Presentation and Structure of the Report

The data is presented in a hierarchical structure that can be expanded or compressed. All the procurement elements, stocks and deliveries for a product are presented according to the selection criteria. You can expand the corresponding component structure for each internal procurement element. The existing elements are determined and displayed for each component.

The selected elements are displayed in the left-hand area of the report, the information about the elements is in the right-hand area. The form of the right-hand area can change, depending on whether material fields or element fields are being displayed. You can influence the form and contents of the report in Customizing.

For more information, see Settings for Order Progress Reports .

Displayed Elements

Elements that are account assigned to a sales order or a WBS element are displayed. Elements that were manually created and are account assigned to a sales order or a WBS element are also displayed. Elements that do not have a header material (for example, a purchase requisition for an external service) are presented using a placeholder material, which means that the material field remains empty.

Only those elements and requirements are displayed that are explicitly assigned to the sales order or WBS element from the selection criteria. In other words, elements that have access to sales order stock or project stock. Elements that access plant stock are not expanded further.

The following elements can be displayed:

  • Planned orders

  • Production orders

  • Process orders

  • Networks

  • Purchase requisitions

  • Purchase orders

  • Contract release orders

  • Schedule lines

  • Reservations, dependent requirements

  • Deliveries, goods issue from an SD view

  • Sales order stocks, project stocks

  • Plant stocks, goods receipts from an MM view

  • Purchase requisitions and orders from external processing

  • Rework orders

Colors are used to differentiate between the element types. To display the key, choose  ( ) ( Legend ) in the report.

The elements are sorted in the following order:

  1. Requirements/finish date of the elements

  2. Receipts before issues

  3. Element type

  4. Number of the element


The progress or delay of each procurement element is determined and displayed individually. As well as date deviations, quantity deviations are also examined. For more information, see Progress Determination .

Navigation Options

The order progress report offers you various methods of navigation. From the report you can display or change each procurement element. You can also, for example, go directly to the stock/requirement list, the MRP list, stock overview and so on. For more information, see Functions in the Order Progress Report