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A receptacle, such as a carton, can, or jar, in which manufactured goods are held or carried.


A container can have the following attributes:

  • Status

  • Container Data Type

  • SFC Data Type

  • Pack Level

  • Total Minimum Quantity

  • Total Maximum Quantity

  • Height

  • Width

  • Length

  • Maximum Weight

  • Maximum Fill Weight

  • Shop Order (see Shop Order)

  • Document

  • Custom Data (see Custom Data)

For more information, see Container Maintenance.


Containers can include SFC numbers or containers. The objects operators can pack into or unpack from a container are defined in Container Maintenance.

A numbering pattern is necessary to uniquely identify a container number, which is generated for each container. You define numbering patterns in Next Number Maintenance (see Next Number Maintenance).

You can print information about packed or unpacked containers using the Document Print (SY520) hook point activity. For more information, see Setting Up Activity Hooks.

SAP ME ERP Integration

If you use the SAPMEINT component, see Integration of Production Orders and Integration of Planned Orders (Repetitive Manufacturing).

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Packing Report