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In internal activity allocation, the activity output by a cost center is allocated to the receiver of the activity (such as an order). The pricesof the activity types can be displayed in the internal price list. The system determines the valid allocation activity prices for the date entered.

For example, employees responsible for certain CO objects that receive activities can use the internal price list to check the prices of the activity types. Before the activity input, they may be interested in the prices at different times and from different cost centers. After the activity input, they might want to check the activity prices already allocated.

The internet application component Internal price lists is comparable with the Price report available in the SAP system.

Internal activity allocation is performed using the internet application component Internal Activity Allocation in the Intranet (CO-OM-CCA)

If you are using Internal price lists, as opposed to the Price report , you have the option of selecting activity types using a search term. The system searches according to a character chain, which you can define, in the following activity type fields:







For more information on Internet application components (IAC), see IAC Programming .

Type of Internet Application Component




To display the price list in the intranet, you require the following authorizations:

  • Display authorization for all controlling areas

  • Display authorization for the activity type master in the appropriate controlling area

    List of Authorization Objects

    Authorization Object


    Required authorization


    Controlling area display authorization

    ACTVT = 03



    Activity types master record in the controlling area

    ACTVT = 03



    Transaction authorization


Standard Settings and Preset Data

When you call up the internal price list, the system displays the local system date (SY-DATLO) as the selection date.

The standard default settings selects all activity types and all cost centers, so long as you do not make any constraints.

Controlling area 1000 is the default setting for the HTML template SAPLKW3P_1010.HTML.

The standard system does not display the controlling area. You have the following options:

  • CO_AREA_MODE = “HIDE”: Do not display controlling area

  • CO_AREA_MODE = “SHOW”: Display controlling area

  • CO_AREA_MODE = “INPUT”: Display entry-ready field for controlling area


Service Name

The service name of this intranet application component is IPL1. You can find all the corresponding files under this service name in the SAP@Web Studio.