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 Performing a Goods Receipt Locate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Choose   Logistics   Materials management   Inventory management   Goods movement   Goods receipt   To order.  

You branch to: Goods Receipt for Order: Initial Screen.

  1. Choose   Movement type   Order to warehouse   .  

The system writes the movement type in the corresponding field. Check this entry and add the order number, plant and storage location and confirm the entries you have made by choosing  ( ) .

Note Note

Do not use movement type 101 for unplanned goods receipt.

End of the note.

You reach the screen Goods receipt for Order: Selection Screen 0001 . The planned quantity of the production order is proposed.

  1. Enter the quantity that you want to deliver.

  • If the production order is ready, set the indicator "delivery completed".

  • Do not set an indicator if only part of the order lot has been delivered.

  1. Save the goods issue.

For more information on goods movement, see MM - Inventory Management .