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 Creating a Production Order with a Sales Order Locate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Choose   Logistics   Production   Shop Floor Control   Order   Change   With sales order   .  

You reach the initial screen Create production order .

  1. Enter the following data:

  • the sales order number

  • the order number

  • the order type (it controls whether an internal or external number range is used.)

  • if you have selected an order type for which an external number assignment is required then you must also specify an order number in the field Order.

Caution Caution

The item in the sales order must allow the requirements type sales order stock. For more information on this topic refer to the documentation SD Sales .

 ( )

Material number, quantities and dates are copied from the sales order. You can change the plant, configuration, quantities and dates in the production order. In contrast to assembly processing , changes in the sales order or the production order are not automatically copied to the other object.

If a sales order bill of materials and a sales order routing exist then they are copied to the production order.

End of the caution.
  1. Otherwise you proceed as with Creating a Production Order with a Material .