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This section tells you how to move general cost objects off the database when you no longer need them.

  • Deleting test data

    To delete the test data, go into Customizing for Product Cost Controlling and choose   Production Startup   Delete Cost Objects.  

    The program deletes general cost objects for which no actual costs were posted and no hierarchy relationships were maintained.

  • Delete production data

    Production data is deleted in Archiving. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Cost Object Controlling   Intangible Goods and Services   Tools   Archiving   .


Archiving is carried out in two steps.

  1. The selected general cost objects are archived.

  2. The data is deleted from the system.

This ensures that data is not deleted from the database until it is actually present in the archive.

Archiving can only be carried out as a background job. You use a variant for the archiving program to determine which data is to be archived and whether the data is to be deleted from the database.

You can select general cost objects for archiving with the following parameters:

  • Controlling area

  • Cost object category

  • Name of cost object

Generate Archive starts a function that reads the archived data and deletes it from the database if necessary.

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For more information, see the document BC Application Data Archiving .