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In Customizing for Work Centers, under Define shift sequence, you can define shift definitions and shift sequences for all your work centers. You can then use these when maintaining available capacity.

  • Shift definition

In a shift definition you define the start, finish, break times, and validity period of a shift.

  • Shift sequence

In a shift sequence, you define how shifts follow another on a daily basis for the duration of a cycle. You use shift definitions to do this.

If you change the working times, you only have to change the shift definition, not the available capacity in all the work centers affected. The system changes the available capacity automatically. Changes to the shift sequence only serve as an aid to entering intervals in capacity, and do not affect existing available capacity.

The following graphic illustrates the principle of shift definitions and shift sequences.

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Shift Definition and Shift Sequence

In Logistics, you can reference daily work schedules from the personnel system (HR). If a referenced daily work schedule is changed in HR, the changes will affect Logistics directly.