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The Closed (CLSD) status has been introduced in the production order. It has the following characteristics:

  • No more costs can be posted to the order, that is, confirmations and goods movements are no longer permitted for the order.

  • The order can no longer be changed. Exceptions to this are revoking the CLSD status and setting the deletion flag.

  • In a collective order, the CLSD status is also set for subordinate orders.

  • If the system comes across an order in the collective order that cannot be closed, the orders that come between this order and the leading order are also not closed. Other subtrees are closed if they only contain orders that can be closed.


Prerequisites for setting the CLSD status are:

  • The order must have the status Released (REL) or Technically completed (TECO)

  • The order balance must be 0

  • There can be no open purchase requisitions, purchase orders or commitments

  • There can be no future change records from confirmation processes


The Closed (CLSD) status is only set automatically for subordinate orders in a collective order. To set the status, you have the following options:

  • In the production order, choose   Functions   Restrict processing   Close  

  • Function in mass processing