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The PP-PDC interface is available as of release 4.6A. PP-PDC is an interface for SAP Production Control. It is standardized for connecting subsystems used for entering time tickets and time events.

The interface used previously (as of release 3.0A) was called Communication Channel 2 (CC2). In comparison to the previous interface, the new interface includes an enhanced range of business functions. In addition, it has been implemented as an asynchronous SAP BAPI interface that functions without the transceiver.

Subsystems can take part in the SAP Complementary Software Program (CSP) for this interface.

For more detailed information on the interface, see , > Software Partners > Integration Opportunities > Interface Certification > mySAP Supply Chain Management > PP-PDC .


To execute the PDC data transfer, the following requirements must be met:

In Customizing, you define in the communication parameters:

Which data should be downloaded (work centers PP-PDC, variances, units of measure, material-dependent units of measure). This setting is valid for scheduling in a background job. When transferring in the dialog, you can select the data on the selection screen.

Whether the update of confirmations that are received is to be triggered immediately

Which user is informed by the system with an express mail, if an error occurs.

You maintain the communication parameters in Customizing for Shop Floor Control by choosing Operations Confirmation PDC Data Transfer Define Communication Parameters

Operations that are to be transferred to the subsystem must be suitable for PDC. This means that,

The PDC active indicator has to be set in the order-dependent parameters (for each order type, plant).

The work center of the operation has to be assigned to a subsystem via Subsystem Grouping ( Basic Data tab , Subsystem pushbutton). You carry out this assignment in work center maintenance.



With the download function, you can send data to a subsystem, so that input checks can be made in this subsystem. You need to download data to the subsystem to carry out checks in the subsystem. The following checks can be carried out at the subsystem level:

Existence checks for operations

Quantity checks

When the operations are downloaded, the operation data is transmitted to the subsystem. A distinction is made between the following types of transmission:

In the initial download, the operations from the production orders that meet the above-mentioned requirements are downloaded from SAP to the subsystem.

In the delta download, all the operations that have been created since the last initial download are transferred to the subsystem.

In the master data download, the master data is downloaded to the subsystem, so that extensive checks can be carried out there. You can transmit the following data:

Work centers


Units of measure

Material-dependent units of measure



Menu Path

Download operations


LogisticsProductionProduction ControlConfirmationSubsystemDownloadInitial Download of Operations (PP-PDC-4.6)

Master data download


Logistics Production Production Control Confirmation Subsystem Download Master Data Download


An upload request is sent to the subsystem, asking it to transfer confirmation records to the SAP system.

With the upload function, you transfer the confirmations from the subsystem to the SAP system. You can set up the system so that either the confirmations are updated automatically after they have been transferred (see prerequisites) or the program CORUPROC1 is scheduled to do the update as a background job.



Menu Path

Upload request


LogisticsProductionProduction ControlConfirmationSubsystemUploadRequest Upload PP-PDC-4.6



Scheduling in the Background

The scheduling of the above-mentioned programs is prepared in Customizing for Shop Floor Control : Operations Confirmation PDC Data Transfer Schedule Background Jobs for PP-PDC

Error Processing

In error processing , you can reprocess confirmations for which errors occurred during updating.