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These reports are used for analyzing individual orders in detail. You can analyze the following orders:

  • In the Product Cost by Order component:

    • Production orders in production planning

    • CO production orders

    • Process orders of production planning for the process industries

  • In the Costs for Intangible Goods and Services component:

    • Internal orders

For information on analyzing individual product cost collectors, see: Detailed Reports on Product Cost Collectors


The data is displayed with the cost analysis tool, which is based on the functionality of the ABAP List Viewer and offers additional functions. Using the layout functionality in the report, you can see the key figures that you want to analyze.

More Information

For general information on cost analysis and the SAP List Viewer, see:

For general information on working with layouts, see:

Special considerations should be taken into account when using the Information System for some processes in Product Cost Controlling. For this reason, you should read the following sections of documentation in the Product Cost Controlling Information System, depending on the functions you are using:

See the following sections of the Cost Object Controlling documentation for information on the individual order types and their role in Cost Object Controlling:

For detailed information on internal orders with revenue, see the document CO Internal Orders.