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  1. Choose   Logistics   Production   Production control   Goods movements   Material staging   Pick.  

  2. Enter a profile for displaying the component overview. Enter order selection criteria for the orders and choose  ( ) . The component overview is displayed.

  3. Select the components, for which you wish to execute goods movements. Choose Pick. The pick list appears.

  4. The input dialog is identical for the pick list and the goods movement overview. You can change individual goods movements, if for instance, a goods movement had errors. For more information refer to Goods Movement Overview .

  5. To post the goods issues, choose  ( ) .

Note Note

On the component overview screen you can choose to post the goods issues   in the background   (   Environment   Pick/Batch   ). In this case, you need to schedule the background jobs CORUAFW0 and CORUAFWP to post the goods movements.

End of the note.
  • You use program CORUPROC, if you also want to execute goods movements that originate from confirmations.

  • You use program CORUAFWP, if you only want to execute goods movements from the pick list.