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The selected BOM is exploded one level. The BOM items are then copied to the order as components. If there are phantom assemblies in the BOM then they are exploded until a buildable level is reached.

A BOM item is not copied to the production order if:

  • Its item status marks it as not relevant for production

  • Its item category marks it as a document or PM structure element

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BOM sub-items are generally not copied to the order.

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Explosion Over Multiple BOM Structures

With multi-level BOM structures there can be large time intervals between the explosion dates of the individual assemblies. If BOM (alternatives) have changed through time because of various demands (for example, because individual components are exchanged or because of changed production techniques) it can happen that a commonly-used assembly is manufactured according to different BOMs.

To make sure that for a particular unit of production the whole BOM structure is always exploded with the same explosion date you have the option in the planned order of specifying a serial number.

You can use the serial number to specify a common explosion date for all BOM levels. This so-called fixed-key date is stored in the serial number. The BOM explosion takes place for all levels with this fixed-key date.

Note Note

A serial number can only be assigned in the planned order and cannot be added or changed in the production order.

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