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 Assignment of Test Equipment to Inspection Characteristics Locate this document in the navigation structure


You use this function in inspection planning in routings to determine which production resource/tool (PRT), for instance which measuring instrument, is required for carrying out quality testing during production

When the order is released the system assigns the test equipment to the inspection lot. You can display the PRTs for the relevant operation during results recording for an inspection characteristic, test equipment are marked separately.


PRTs that you want to use as test equipment must be assigned to the same operation as the corresponding inspection characteristic.

The assignment of test equipment must be allowed in the control indicator for the inspection characteristic.


You have the following choices for assigning test equipment

  • You assign a piece of test equipment directly to an inspection characteristic.

  • If you have entered several materials to be produced in the routing header, you can additionally assign each material/inspection characteristic combination its own test equipment.

When it creates an inspection lot the system assigns test equipment to the material/inspection characteristic combination. If no assignment has been made to the combination, the test equipment that has been assigned to the inspection characteristic is used.