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Capacity is the ability to perform a specific task

You distinguish between various capacities in a work center, such as labor or machines, by using the capacity category . In order to plan capacities in a more detailed manner, you can define individual capacities for each capacity, for instance in the capacity category Person 3 employees or in the capacity category machine 5 lathes.

The following data is entered in a capacity:

  • the operating time

  • the available capacity

  • Formulas for calculating capacity requirements

Capacities can be entered and changed in work centers, but also independently. The system distinguishes between:

  • Work center capacities

  • Pooled capacities

  • Reference capacities

  • Default capacities

These various capacities are described in more detail in the following sections.

Work Center Capacity

A work center capacity is created in the work center and is directly assigned to the work center. You can however maintain the capacity separately

For detailed capacity planning you can assign individual capacities to each capacity category in a work center. You can determine available capacities for the individual capacities. Alternatively you can assign HR-objects (people, qualifications, requirements profiles and positions) to a capacity. You can thus determine which employee or qualification is needed in the capacity.

Apart from the available capacity and the assignments you can define other data in the work center for capacity planning, for instance

  • Formulas for calculating the capacity requirements of various operation segments (setup, processing, teardown) or for internal processing.

Pooled capacity

A pooled capacity can be assigned to several work centers. It is created and edited independently of the work center. This is useful if, for instance, a group of employees works in several work centers.

Just like work center capacities, for more detailed capacity planning you can assign HR-objects to pool capacities and so prescribe a qualification or employee.

Reference Capacity

A reference capacity is used to simplify the maintenance of work center capacities. It is used to copy or reference an available capacity from. Reference capacities are created and maintained separately from work centers.

Default Capacity

A default capacity is also used to simplify data maintenance. You can define a default capacity for every capacity category in the plant in Customizing. It suggests a default value for the header data every time you create a capacity.