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When you create a production order, the system automatically generates a reservation for the required material components. Each material component of the order receives a separate item number within the reservation. You can only withdraw the reserved materials from the warehouse if the operation to which the materials are assigned in the order has already been released.

If you withdraw material components, the values of the material components you have withdrawn are updated as actual costs in the order according to cost type and origin.

You can refer to either the order or reservation number when you withdraw material components from the warehouse. The reservation number is displayed on the general component data screen.


  1. Choose   Logistics   Materials management   Inventory management   Goods movement   Goods issue   .  

  2. Choose To order… A dialog box is displayed in which you can directly enter either the reservation or order number. You can also perform a search using search criteria.

  3. Enter the reservation or order number directly or choose a number using the specified search criteria. Choose  ( ) .

  4. The system automatically proposes the movement type 261 (goods issue for order) as well as all the material components in the order, which are not marked as bulk material or as material to be backflushed .

  5. Check the list of the material components that are proposed as defaults for goods withdrawal and save the goods issue.

Note Note

If you do not refer to the reservation or the production order when you withdraw material components, these will still be outstanding when generated reservations are released and the required quantities reserved, although the requirement physically no longer exists.

End of the note.

Backflushing of Components

For information on backflushing components, see Goods Movements in Confirmations