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 Importing Statistical Key Figures from the LIS (Actuals) Locate this document in the navigation structure

For general cost objects with a periodic time base, you can import statistical key figures from the LIS as follows:

  1. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Cost Object Controlling   Intangible Goods and Services   Period-End Closing   Single Functions: Cost Object   Transfer Statistical Key Figures from LIS  

  2. The screen Transfer Actual Data from LIS appears.

  3. Specify whether you want to import the key figures for a particular cost object, for a cost object group, or for all cost objects. Enter the key of the cost object if appropriate.

  4. Enter the following data:

    – Version You normally use version 0 (Plan/actual comparison).

    – Period from/to; fiscal year

    Under the group heading Extras , specify whether you want to change the planning data.

    Set the indicators for processing control as required.

  5. The button LIS reference allows you to specify what data of the LIS you want to use as a reference.

  6. Choose Execute .