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Collective orders are maintained the same way as production orders.


  1. Choose   Logistics   Production   Shop Floor Control   Order   Display   or   Logistics   Production   Shop Floor Control   Order   Change  

  2. If you want to display or change a collective order, specify which level of the collective order you want to call up. To do this, set the relevant indicator, enter the order number and choose  ( ) .

If you access the collective order with

  • Specified order you branch to the individual order

  • Sub-tree of network then the network is displayed and the orders of the sub-tree are read in

  • Whole network then all of the orders in the network are read in, irrespective of which order you entered from the network

  • Display overview (default setting) an overview of the whole collective order is displayed (no order is read in)

Note Note

In collective order maintenance, a green tick indicates the orders for which order data has already been read in.

From maintenance of an individual order you always branch to the collective order overview. You can read in other orders from there.

 ( )

If you access it with Sub-tree or Whole network, then the functions can be carried out directly for all the orders (for example, release). When you execute functions in the collective order, the system always reads those orders that are needed for these functions.

 ( )

You can switch between normal display and compressed display. Choose  ( ) in collective order maintenance.

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