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This report provides a quick overview of the sales order items to be costed. You can generate an extract that can be displayed in a MiniApp in the Workplace.


The report displays the following sales order items:

  • Sales order items that have the status Cost, or

  • Sales order items for which no marked cost estimates exist in the system due to incorrect costing This only applies to items in sales orders that were created with a requirements class for which the setting B ( automatically calculate and mark ) was entered under Cost Estimate and the indicator Without valuation strategy was not set so that valuation takes place with an order cost estimate.

The sales order items are sorted and displayed according to the earliest desired delivery date. The columns Status SD and Costing status show which selection criteria correspond to which customer order position. If the Status SD is Cost then no cost estimate exists, and therefore no Costing status is shown. If a cost estimate has already been created, the Status SD will not be displayed.


If you do not want to save the extract, you do not need to enter a user. If you save the extract without entering a user, all users can display the extract.

Under Maximum no. of hits, enter the maximum number of sales order items to be displayed in the list. Restricting the number of hits improves performance. Selection is terminated when the specified number of sales order items has been found. The items found are then sorted according to the desired delivery date. It you restrict the number of hits, therefore, it is possible that additional items exist that match the selection criteria and have an earlier desired delivery date than the items displayed in the list.


The extract that you save here is displayed in the MiniApp: Sales order items to be edited. The report SAPRCKAPP02 allows you to see the contents of the extract in the system.

Note for System Administration:

To display the extract in the MiniApp, carry out the steps described under Setting Up MiniApps .