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 System Activities When a Sales Order Is Created Locate this document in the navigation structure

The Product Cost by Sales Order subcomponent is normally used with orders of order type standard order (TA) .

When you create a standard order with a corresponding requirements class, the following happens:

  1. The system sets the status for make-to-order production (MtoO) for the sales order item.

  2. A profitability segment in Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) is created, to which costs and revenues for the sales order item can be assigned.

  3. A settlement rule is created, which assigns costs and revenue for the sales order item to the profitability segment.

  4. You can check the settlement rule after creating the sales order.

  5. A settlement profile containing control parameters for settlement is offered as a default.

  6. A results analysis key containing control parameters for results analysis is offered as a default.

  7. Pricing is carried out to calculate the net value of the order item.

See also:

For information on how to create a standard order, refer to the documentation   LO Logistics   SD Sales   under Creating sales orders .