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 Using the Single-Level Worklist of Overhead Calculation Locate this document in the navigation structure


To be able to use the worklist, you must set the Worklist indicator when you calculate the overhead .

The single-level worklist for overhead calculation is only used in Product Cost by Sales Order . In the other application components you use the multilevel worklist of the Schedule Manager .


To access the worklist of overhead calculation for sales document items:

  1. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Cost Object Controlling   Product Cost by Sales Order   Period-End Closing   Overhead   Collective Processing   Extras   Worklist   Edit  

  2. The screen Evaluate application log appears.

  3. Choose Execute .

  4. The screen Application log for object collective processing in Controlling Cost Object Controlling appears.

  5. Choose a line.

To Display Object Information

To display the error messages:

  1. Go to the worklist and choose Detail .

  2. The dialog box Postprocessing appears.

  3. Choose Error log.

  4. Call up the log.

  5. The screen Error Management and Analysis: Initial Screen appears.

    This shows you a list of all sales document items that have errors, together with the messages.

  6. Call up a message line for information on how to correct the errors.

To Correct the Errors

To correct the errors in the cost objects:

  1. Go back to the dialog box Postprocessing .

  2. Choose Worklist .

  3. The screen Calculate Overhead Cost Objects: Postprocessing appears.

  4. When you have corrected the errors, recalculate the overhead for the objects that had errors. Select the corresponding cost objects. Choose Confirm .

  5. Choose Execute .