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 Creating/Changing As-Built Configurations Using the List Input Locate this document in the navigation structure


You use this procedure within the production process, if the production data is available on shop floor papers.


  1. Choose   Logistics   Customer Service   Management of technical objects   Installed base   Create (special)   With reference to production data   or   Logistics   Plant maintenance   Management of technical objects   Installed base   Create (special)   With reference to production data.  

  2. In the standard system, the list input screen appears. To change the type of processing, choose  ( ) List<->Tree.

  3. Enter the material number and serial number of the assembly to which you want to assign components.

  4. Enter the components that you want to assign, with the corresponding serial numbers. To do this, you have the following options:

  • Choose  ( ) Explode . The serialized components assigned to the material are listed. Enter the serial numbers. You can delete the components from the list that you now do not want to copy to the as-built configuration.

  • Enter the components and serial numbers manually.

  1. Choose  ( ) Transfer .

The assigned components are transferred to the as-built configuration, but are not yet saved (item marked with  ( ) ). Components that are already stored in an as-built configuration are marked with  ( ) . To reverse an assignment, select the assignment and choose  ( ) .

  1. Select the top-level material in the as-built configuration. You have the following options when you save:

You choose

You create assignment(s)

 ( ) Create/change as-built in foreground

as an as-built configuration by switching to the transaction for installed base management. Then, the installed base is only saved when you select the symbol for saving in installed base management. Before saving, you can still make manual changes or additions.

 ( ) Create/change as-built in background

as an as-built configuration without switching to installed base management.